Progetto di ricerca: “Deep Sea Wine”

No one cellar is better then the deep sea environment! The ocean-aged wine retains the same chemical properties, the results of the ongoing project suggest the characteristics of the ocean can speed up aging and develop the taste of the wine. This research is looking at how the Mediterranean sea forces of temperature, pressure, motion and light (or lack of it) affects wine aging. The lessons learned could influence how this process is done in the future. everything started getting Inspiration from a shipwreck’s wine cargo founded on the deep ocean some years ago.

We got to the aging process and it seemed accepted practice to put it in a warehouse or cellar, based on the history of the wine industry. We thought: there’s an opportunity to challenge that assumption.

In the same way that ‘terroir’ considers the unique properties of the land where grapes are grown; ‘aquaoir’ looks at the interaction of bottled wine with a body of water.The experiment will start during this spring in Sicily submerging four cages (48 bottles) of a Sicilian red wine.

The wine will be tested during a gala dinner and the money collected during the dinner are going to be donated for a social-research on the archeological sector.